Modular camper van building system

VOJO is a camper van development system that will allow you to discover what you have been looking for for a long time.

Out of the need of the moment, a Product was created that is so innovative that it has been registered as a registered utility model, and its revolutionary character will make your trips never the same again.


VOJO is our answer to the search for closeness to nature, the dream of a comfortable rest in remote places, the longing for freedom. VOJO is:


The Vojo body fits every van.

Without tools

You can assemble the VOJO-system in your car without using any tools.

Short assembly time

You can assemble your sleeping set or lounge in less than 10 minutes.


Assembling the elements of the sets is child's play.


The highest quality materials guarantee a long service life.


You can configure each set individually by yourself.

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The VOJO system consists of 40 x 40 cm boxes available in three heights: Small, Medium and Large. 

Thanks to only six VOJO boxes and connectors, you can set up a bed or other piece of furniture in just a few minutes. The mattresses included in the set ensure a comfortable sleep. Everything fits into specially designed, durable bags. Comfortable sleeping will be ensured by the mattresses included in the set. You will pack everything in specially designed, durable bags.

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Ready for an adventure?

VOJO will let you discover what you may have been searching for a long time. Experience what is important to you and you may change the way you travel forever.

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Configure your individual VOJO set perfectly suited to you.