for home

VOJO system for home

Unlike similar solutions,
You can use the VOJO system not only during your trips!


  Is your toddler’s room still missing space to store  more toys? Create a modern modular bookcase for children, whose neutral colors will not disturb the decor of the children’s space, and its interesting  design will surely delight  every small constructor.

Vojo as a guest bed
VOJO as furniture in a child's room
VOJO for storing toys

In the garden

Use Vojo everywhere you need.

VOJO on the terrace
VOJO on the terrace

Or maybe a gym?

In the blink of an eye, build a stable training bench measuring 40 x 120 cm.

Vojo as a training bench

What about in winter?

Build a practical rack for your sports equipment.

Vojo as a rack for ski equipment

When there is no space

Vojo does not require much space to store.

Storage of the Vojo system

Use a special wall mounting system.

Ready for an adventure?

VOJO will let you discover what you may have been searching for a long time. Experience what is important to you and you may change the way you travel forever.